Charlotte leaving

We said farewell to Charlotte at our first group BBQ. It has been a productive year and her experiments will keep us thinking about phage evolution for months to come. All the best for your next adventures, Charlotte!

Lab Leadership course

Wolfram took part in the EMBO Lab Leadership course, held at the University of Exeter. Learned a lot on communication, group dynamics etc. and connected with colleagues who have different personalities and approaches.

3 PhD studentships advertised

Our group is involved in three putative PhD studentships currently advertised at the University of Exeter (UK), all at the interface of evolutionary biology and the physical sciences. All projects can and should be shaped by and with the student. Deadline for applications is 7th January, 2019. Follow links for details.

1: The physical properties of a marine microbe, its virus, and their environment – and their effects on the co-evolutionary dynamics

This project at the interface of evolutionary biology and physics will be lab-based, but interested students are encouraged to take on related theoretical and/or computational questions.

2: Evolutionary dynamics of expanding populations as random walks in inhomogeneous media

This theoretical project provides a unique opportunity to work at the interface of evolutionary biology and the physics of wave propagation. The student will be embedded in both a life science and a physics of metamaterials community, providing the prospect for gaining a very broad research experience.

3: Hindering evolution of resistance to pesticides through optimizing landscape structure and application practise:

This project combines the basic question on how landscape structure affects evolutionary paths with an application in the agricultural industry, the management of evolution of resistance to pesticides. The PhD will include co-supervision by as well as a placement at Syngenta.

Welcome, Charlotte!

Welcome, Charlotte Maberly to the lab! Charlotte will work as a Research Technician on all things phage.